Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much do your services cost?
A) Nothing. Our revenue comes from the vehicle owner paying the fine to have the device removed.

Q) How much does it cost to have the device removed?
A) $75 in the city of Atlanta, $100 in the city of Decatur.

Q) Can our company be held liable for any damages resulting from a boot being installed or removed?
A) No. Secure Parking Enforcement, LLC is fully insured with a $1,000,000.00 policy for your protection.

Q) What if the vehicle owner does not see the boot and attempts to drive off?
A) Each car is ticketed on the driver side window to give notice of the immobilization and prevent the owner from attempting to drive off while immobilized.

Q) How do violators get the boot removed?
A) The car is ticketed with the notice as well as a contact number with a live operator for instructions on how to have the device removed.

Q) Why should I utilize booting when the tow truck will just come and take the car away?
A) Booting provides an immediate visual deterrent to those who park on your property illegally/unauthorized. Also, we can actively monitor your lot so you do not have to watch or call when someone parks illegally/unauthorized.

Q) Do I have to break my contract with my current tow company?
A) No. We work together with your tow company. If the vehicle owner is unable to pay to have the device removed, we will then contact your tow company and have the vehicle removed from the property.

Q) Can management request that a boot be removed free of charge?
A) Absolutely. We work at the behest of the property owner/manager. The word of management is final.

Would you like information on having your lot enforced? Contact us at or call us at (404)433-1610.

Have a complaint? Send us an email at  and we will get back to you by the end of the day.